Diana’s 2nd Edition of Wife of a Soldier, A Journey of Faith is now available for purchase! Both a print version and kindle version are available.

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Below is a sneak peak of her latest chapter “Passing the Colors.”

 “As we moved into retirement, questions began to surface in my heart. How does a military family ever really settle down, after living in so many homes in so many locations? My cousin once told me, after thirty-three years in support of her soldier on active duty, retirement was the hardest assignment they ever received. She felt as though she had been cut off from everything she knew as she struggled to find a new identity when her husband finally hung up his uniform for the last time. As my own husband was about to retire, I found myself struggling with the same emotions. My husband and I had devoted our lives in service to our nation, and now we had no choice but to pass the colors to the next generation.

A print that hung in our home for many years, entitled “Journey’s End,” finally became our reality. While my husband transitioned seamlessly into his new post, with only a change of attire as the mark of his retirement, I felt cut off and unsure of what my new role would be. As I prayed, I asked the Lord to reveal my purpose in this new season of life. I realized my role did not change as much as I thought it had, as I found myself attending unit picnics, FRG meetings and promotions, and experiencing painful goodbyes and joyful homecomings. These were no longer for my husband but were now for my daughters and son-in-laws serving on active duty. As I began to serve my children, I realized one of our greatest achievements throughout our military career was that we had raised daughters with hearts for the military. When a commander relinquishes command, he or she symbolically passes the unit’s colors to the incoming commander, signifying that a change in leadership and responsibility has taken place. As we stepped away from active duty, we knew we had officially passed the colors on to the next generation.”

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