A Day of Thanks

Nov 22, 2018


Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; for His love endures forever.  Psalm 107:1.


Today we celebrate Thanksgiving. A day that was celebrated for the first time in October 1621, as the Pilgrims had completed the first fall harvest in the New World. They planned a feast and praised God for His provision. I am grateful to live in a nation that takes a day to “Give Thanks.” Our history confirms the very first Thanksgiving feast celebrated and gave praise to the Lord God. This is a wonderful example for us to follow. I want to encourage each one of you to begin a new tradition in your homes this Thanksgiving. Take a moment before feasting on the delicious meal, and give God thanks for at least one thing He has done in your lives this year.

Years ago as I came to faith in Christ Jesus and then a few years later as I became a new mother, I worked really hard to memorize Bible verses and their references. Then I discovered Kids Praise music. Memorizing scripture no longer was difficult but actually fun. Psalm 107:1 became one of my favorites. How appropriate for a day of Thanksgiving. It is a wonderful reminder to give God thanks every day, no matter our circumstances for the Psalm declares God is good and His love endures forever. I had already learned life could be uncertain but with my new faith in Jesus I was learning God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. (Hebrews 13:8) This promise was now hidden in my heart and it helps me every day to give God thanks, trusting Him with the details of my life.

This Thanksgiving Day has a unique set of circumstances that has caused me to ponder my life over the last 33 years. This year I am spending the day and the next couple of weeks with my second daughter and family as we wait the arrival of our second grandchild. As I remember the state of my heart when God saved me 33 years ago, I am still humbled and forever grateful for His love for me. This year I want to give God thanks for the family I could never have even imagined. Before accepting Christ as my Lord and Savior I had no plans for marriage. I only had plans of an Army career with lots of travel and adventure as I served my nation. Then God extended His mercy toward me. Not only did He save me but He began a transformation of my heart. In just over a year I said, “I Do” to the man who is the love of my life. We were married on November 16th, 1986. This was an unexpected gift to someone who once declared she would NEVER get married. Not only did God bring to my life a Godly, strong man, but then He blessed me with eight beautiful daughters. Never could I have imagined the gift of my daughters in my life. In the last five years we have gained two son-in laws, with another wedding on 3 January and a new engagement with more wedding bells planned for next summer. But my heart is overflowing with Thanksgiving to the Lord as the most significant part of this story unfolds. God’s heart is now seen vividly as we have entered the phase of life called Grandparenthood! As I wait the arrival of our second grandchild this week and our third in February, I am overcome with a heart of thankfulness to the Lord. We were not and still are not perfect parents and yet God has trusted us to help in His work of passing the legacy of faith to our grandchildren. Just last night, I witnessed firsthand the joy of parenting and grandparenting as our first granddaughter(20 months) closed her eyes and folded her hands in a prayer of thanks for our dinner. She has delighted my heart as I have watched her dance in praise as her Momma turned on her kids praise music! Oh, how my heart gives thanks to the Lord for He is good and His ways bring an abundant life. He has taught me that His love truly endures in each day, week, month and years as we live life with Him as our constant guide and refuge.

I want to close with a special thanks to my husband and daughters who sacrificed Thanksgiving with their Mom and youngest sister, so we could be here to help their older sister as new baby arrives.  Their hearts transformed by a good Father, who enables them to demonstrate His heart of sacrifice and love toward their sister expecting her baby any day.

Today I give God all the praise and thanks for giving me a life that is more than I could have ever asked or imagined. (Ephesian 3:20).

My family a constant reminder to be grateful to God for each precious day.

What in your own life gives you reason to say thank you to the Lord and give Him praise?


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