Seeing God in the Little Things

Matthew 19:14, Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”


Throughout the Labor Day weekend and this week our home has been a buzz of constant movement, noise, and activity. My in-laws traveled from Maryland and my second daughter, her husband and their two little girls also came from Savannah. My son-in-law is an Army Aviator and he was called back to Hunter Army Airfield to fly aircraft to a safe location as hurricane Dorian approached our shores. Our Hannah was so sad to say good-bye to her honey, as he is in the window for a deployment, and yet she could see God in the details. Shortly after Brandon left, an evacuation order was given to all living in the Savannah area east of interstate 95. God had given them the wisdom to drive separately, allowing Brandon to return and leave his family here in a safe location to wait out the storm.

Another example of God being in the details, allowed my in-laws to arrive ahead of the weekend to stay with our third daughter Mary and our third granddaughter. It was such a blessing to her as her husband was away for another week of unexpected training.

Of course, the unexpected additional time with all three of my granddaughters in our home throughout the week has been a huge blessing.  I always learn something about the heart of God as I watch these little ones with such trust, joy and peace that all in their world is well.  Our oldest granddaughter Rae, 2 ½, expressed it the best as we were on a walk. She said in a very boisterous voice, “Look Gram,” as she pointed to the bright sky, the wind in the trees, and the flock of birds flying all around us! Rae was pointing out the intricate details of God’s creation. Those creative touches that bring us joy everyday, will slow down just enough for us to enjoy them and praise God for them. It was a wonderful reminder to me that if God cared enough about those things, how much more does he care about the details of our lives? It was then I asked her to pray and tell God what she was thankful for. As she began to pray and the words of Matthew 19:14 immediately came to mind. Our Rae is a strong willed child and much of the day her Momma is reminding her who is in charge, yet in that moment she began to pray with such passion and sincerity. Her simple faith and heart of thanks to the Lord demonstrated she knew God was in charge and cared about the most important things in her life. She thanked Jesus for her Momma, her Daddy, her little sister Ry Ry, her Gram, her Papa and all her aunties. She then asked God to take care of our sick dog Truman. Out of the heart of my two year old granddaughter came such trust that God was listening and He would answer.

I encourage you to be purposeful and look for God in the little details of your lives. When you see His hand, stop and give thanks and praise just like my daughter and granddaughter. May our hearts be like that of a child, expressing our joy and thanks to our trustworthy Father with a loud and confident voice.

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