What are the Chances? 

Daniel 4:17


As I shared about the recent weddings in our family in my last blog, I began to think about how I met my husband and  the state of my heart when we met. What were the chances that this hard-hearted, small town girl from Wisconsin would end up at the top of her college R.O.T.C class and be chosen to attend the George Marshall Conference in the spring of my senior year?  What were the chances that I would happen to sit beside another young cadet from Maryland, named Rich Juergens, in an arena filled with hundreds of cadets from around the country… the man who would later became my husband? Only God could have planned the details that made such a meeting possible.

I was the young woman who laughed at God’s word found in Ephesians 5:22. It says, “Wives submit to your own husbands as to the Lord.” Yet God would entrust to me eight daughters, allowing me to teach them what that verse really means. What are the chances?

Last fall I volunteered to help those displaced by Hurricane Florence. I met and cared for a 92 year old woman who I found out was a former military spouse who lived less than a mile from my home. I now make time each week to visit and help her, building a special relationship that is filling a void in my life of a mother figure, as my own mom died a number of years ago. What are the chances?

Last Friday evening we were part of a homeschool event called Night of Encouragement. As my husband and I finished sharing from our 26 years of experience, we met a mother of three boys. Flashback, 34 years, I met this same woman as a faith filled teenager. She was one of the youth in the First United Methodist Church, in Enterprise, Alabama where I surrendered my heart and life to Christ. As a new believer and new volunteer to the youth program, Jenny was one of the teens that inspired me to read my Bible and grow in my faith and knowledge of God. Now, years later, I was the one teaching and encouraging her as a homeschool Mom. What are the chances?

Each one of these true stories points to the fact that God has always been and is still at work in my life.

I am still in awe that He rescued me from a heart of bitterness caused by my alcoholic father and through His love and forgiveness transformed my life forever. My love for Him has kept my heart focused daily on Him waiting with anticipation to see Him in the midst of my day.

The Bible tells us that the God of the universe, the creator of all things is involved in the everyday affairs of the people He created. Daniel 4:17, says, “that the living may know, That the Most High rules in the Kingdom of men.” This promise gives me hope because ultimately God is in charge. He is aware of everything that is taking place and He has the power and great love for us to allow things in our lives or prevent them.

Walking with the Lord for 34 years, I have had many opportunities to reflect on my life. As I have done so, I have embraced the fact that there have been no coincidences in my life. I have come to understand the truth that God has always been there but He waited until l felt the weight of my sin and need for Him in my life to reveal His presence to me. Over the last 34 years, I can look back and see His divine care, plan, and appointments in my life, all to demonstrate His unconditional love for me. He continues to guide my steps, directing me to what is His best so that my life will honor Him. I no longer ask the question, “What are the chances?” Now I ask, “What are the possibilities?” What are the divine appointments ahead? I know and believe the God of the universe is involved daily in my life as I choose to abide in Him.

I encourage you to reflect on your life and notice that nothing has happened by chance. May you realize as I did, that our all-knowing God has been there, extending His love, power, and wisdom to guide your steps and draw you near. Will you surrender to His divine position of authority over your life, never to wonder again if something happened by chance but instead believe He created you and wants you to see His hand in the everyday circumstance of your life.



Our Wedding Day, November 1986.

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