It’s All About The Grandchildren

Matthew 28 :19 “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…”

Just last weekend we celebrated my oldest granddaughter’s 2ndBirthday! I will say it was the BEST BIRTHDAY WEEKEND EVER! Her Mom planned a weekend with her little cousins traveling from Atlanta to join the fun and celebrate with her. Their Grandma, my sister-in-law and dear friend, traveled from Pittsburg to join the festivities! Hannah and her husband graciously opened their home to all who traveled to Savannah to be a part of Raegan’s party. It was a houseful! We had six additional adults plus the 4 extra kiddos! We slept in any open space available as my daughter and son-in-law live in small but cozy, post quarters on Hunter Army Airfield. I took dibs to sleep in my granddaughters room and make it a fun camp out weekend with Gram. Reagan thought it was pretty special to wake up with Gram in her room!  Before leaving my home, I shared my excitement about sharing Raegan’s room with her. To my surprise, my own daughters began saying, “It’s all about the grandchildren.” I will say I did not like the thought that my own girls thought I was now playing favorites, but the truth is my grandchildren bring me great joy! Their comment did begin a series of thoughts in my own heart. I began to pray about it. I did not want to take offense at their words, nor did I want them to feel neglected in some way but I realized my heart began to change the moment I held my first granddaughter. In two short years I have learned this grandmother’s heart is a true gift from the Lord. Not only am I getting to enjoy all the precious and fun things that come with new babies, minus sleepless nights, but I believe it has given me a fuller understanding into the Father’s heart. This new insight is teaching me about how He really intends me to love others as He has loved me, as He has instructed in John 15:12. As the mother of eight girls, I have had years of practice responding to their emotions and unwise decisions as all children are born with a sin nature. Now, I respond in a much softer way and definitely with many more patience as I deal with the typical child training events that occur with my granddaughter. My girls say I need grandma child training skills, as they think I am being too easy on my granddaughter. I recognize I am definitely more patient and my words absolutely softer as I approach my grand as she is expressing her strong will.  What I am beginning to realize is that their statement is correct. It is all about the grandchildren. The plan God had for my life included marriage to my soldier and my eight daughters. God’s plan for my life was to be a grandmother! That plan was for my own good but ultimately to further His kingdom. God’s word encourages us to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 2 Peter 3:18. I could not have grown the way I needed without God’s plan for my life married to my strong, strong husband. Did I say strong? My upbringing included an alcoholic and unfaithful father. He was not trustworthy and so marriage was not in my plans. But my marriage has been one of the greatest gifts that God has used to teach me about trust. Especially trust in my Heavenly Father. Then God revealed more of His plan as He gave me eight daughters. He knew I needed to grow in patience and I needed a softer heart. He also knew that eight girls would help me with all the wounds left by a father who was not present in my life. Every time my husband is purposeful and involved in the lives of our girls, it heals a new part of my heart.  These two significant aspects of my life have been the tools that God has used to grow me in the grace and knowledge of who He is. He has taught me that, “He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.” Hebrews 13:8. His promises are trustworthy and true. God knew all the years of parenting my large family, many seasons alone, as the wife of a soldier would keep my eyes on the Him because of my desperate need for His help. My mother’s heart praying daily my children would grow up with a surrendered heart to Him. Now, in this season of my life, I am praying for each of our three tiny granddaughters to surrender their hearts to the Lord. I am now walking with wisdom I have gained over thirty-four years of abiding in the Lord as I invested in my own marriage, children and others. The call God placed on my life as a wife and mother were both to grow me in faith but more importantly, use me to pass on the legacy of faith to the next generation. I am in a season of my life experiencing the fruit of all my hard work. An abundant life that is casting the vision of faith through my own married daughters as they pray for and train up their young children. Yes, in my life God knew it would be, “ALL ABOUT THE GRANDCHILDREN.” The vessel He would use from my life to disciple the next generation to grow in their knowledge and faith in Him.

What’s your life all about? What is God using in your life to grow you in the grace and knowledge of who He is and to share your faith, passing it on to the next generation?


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